A friend in need

A distressed soul had called to me
and though I knew not how to help
I made a time her plight to see.

I told a friend what I would do.
He’d been a help to me before,
and quickly said, ‘I’ll come with you.’

We learnt the tale of her distress
And though it was too much for one,
together we could make it less.

Glad of his help, I asked him how
we’d go about the task ahead.
But then he said, ‘I can’t just now.’

My heart stood still. What could I do
to keep our promise firmly made?
‘Why not?’ I said. ‘We both need you.

‘Why did you come? You knew her plight,
and now we’ve raised her hopes in vain.’
Shamefaced, he pleaded, ‘Don’t let’s fight.

‘It seemed a heaven-sent excuse
to be with you. I love you so.’
‘But love–‘ I said. Oh, what’s the use?


About quillpoweronline

I'm an editor at Quillpower PR Publishing. Specialising in 'things that are lovely and of good report'. I work with writers to gently brush away irrelevancies to reveal the buried treasure, or chisel meaning from a block of text. As an accredited editor (Inst. Prof. Editors Ltd) with experience in advertising, public relations, news and feature writing and editing for all media I help communicators put a professional shine on their message. But here on the blog, it's after hours, and I may do an elongated tweet every now and then, point up an absurdity, or simply post one of my ancient scribbles before it and I crumble into dust. BTW, WordPress chooses the ads (if any) on my blog. Quid pro quo.
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