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Editors sacrificed on the bottom line

I have just been reading that blog of blogs, The American Editor, like a digger panning for gold.  Sure enough, before very long I caught the gleam of a kindred soul. This is what I read:  “…it worries me what … Continue reading

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Just the job

  The results confirmed it: he was infertile. Single and depressed again, he’d finally been sacked for being late. His mother went round after work to sort him out. ‘Still in pyjamas! Nothing will change until you want it to.’ … Continue reading

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#PubPro2014, come to think of it

Flying by the seat of your pants isn’t the usual way of running a conference. Well, to conference organisers it often feels that way, but it’s not supposed to be the standard mode of transport.   But it might just work … Continue reading

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Zine scene to be believed

You learn something every day, don’t you?  That’s what they say.  But some nights, in that weary moment after turning out the light and knowing, yet again, it’s too near morning to get enough beauty sleep, you think of what … Continue reading

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