A load of old cobblers

What an amphigoric load of old cobblers there is in the dictionary!

Some of the malarky, like flapdoodle, codswallop, kybosh and balderdash, have but the terse definition ‘nonsense’, ‘rubbish’ or ‘idle chatter’, with no or doubtful provenance; others, like bunkum, gammon and gibberish, merit more interesting palaver.

Cobblers is persiflage for testicles, from the English cockney rhyming slang of cobblers’ awls for balls. To local yokels who rant that we’re magpies spouting Flemington confetti, we retort the ethnic origin of much of our media’s bumf.  They’re talking bosh, a word from Turkey, meaning empty or vain. It’s piffle, both verb and noun, from Old English pyff, or puff — all baloney, from the famous Bologna sausage.

You may whisper ‘horsesh*t’ to that, but we prefer poppycock, the double-Dutch translation of pappekak, soft dung.  However, it’s an ignoratio elenchi that even after this raving, roving rodomontade, you will see something in the dictionary and still plaintively pyalla: ‘It’s all Greek to me.’


About quillpoweronline

I'm an editor at Quillpower PR Publishing. Specialising in 'things that are lovely and of good report'. I work with writers to gently brush away irrelevancies to reveal the buried treasure, or chisel meaning from a block of text. As an accredited editor (Inst. Prof. Editors Ltd) with experience in advertising, public relations, news and feature writing and editing for all media I help communicators put a professional shine on their message. But here on the blog, it's after hours, and I may do an elongated tweet every now and then, point up an absurdity, or simply post one of my ancient scribbles before it and I crumble into dust. BTW, WordPress chooses the ads (if any) on my blog. Quid pro quo.
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