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An Editor’s Pain in the ‘S

If you’re feeling crook, the last thing you should do is look on the Internet to decide what you’re suffering from.   On the other hand, if you ignore all the advice, it might well be the last thing you do. … Continue reading

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Power and glory of a whisky priest

“God has placed two wolves in the heart of man. A good wolf and a bad one. Which one does he feed?” – Chinese riddle. In the entrails of English literary lore is an interpretation that a text contains its … Continue reading

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You are, we are all Australian

As a former copy editor for the Melbourne PEN Quarterly, I follow PEN’s tireless action on behalf of writers wrongfully imprisoned.  A recent email told that among the refugees imprisoned on Manus Island is a journalist with a Master’s degree … Continue reading

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Tea and No Sympathy: the Invisible Editor

Originally posted on KJ Charles:
Editing is an underrated, underpaid skill in large part because it’s invisible. Good editing, in the reader’s experience, is a negative. Some people may note the absence of typos, or the lack of stumbles over…

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Kidney donor saves PM

I put up a post about ABC announcer Mark Colvin’s kidney transplate in March last year (2013), and though his operation is well over and he’s back on ABC Radio National’s PM program, I’m prompted to revisit the story after … Continue reading

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