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The editors’ bottom line

Societies of editors in each Australian state last week voted on a motion to dissolve the individual branches and form one cohesive, national organisation. Whatever the outcome (and the Victorian tail would wag the dog) some questions remain: what is … Continue reading

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Sing the praises of the unsung editor

I love Twitter.  It’s so addictive.  There’s so much going on, and at such a speed that the more folks you follow, the more tweets you will miss, but there’s always one you’re so glad you caught. (Just as there’s … Continue reading

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Editors sacrificed on the bottom line

I have just been reading that blog of blogs, The American Editor, like a digger panning for gold.  Sure enough, before very long I caught the gleam of a kindred soul. This is what I read:  “…it worries me what … Continue reading

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